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The Tourniquet Hammock is the convenient way to carry a CAT, SOF-T or RATS Tourniquet off of an existing belt or MOLLE mounted pouch that takes up no more additional mounting space and protects the tourniquet. With the Tourniquet Hammock, keep a life saving tourniquet readily accessible right below the Micro Trauma Kit NOW! pouch or other MOLLE mounted equipment at all times.  Additionally, the Tourniquet Hammock keeps the tourniquet protected against damaging UV rays, weather, dirt and debris better than having a TQ simply rubber banded to gear.   

The Tourniquet Hammock can be mounted to either the MOLLE or belt mounted Micro Trauma Kit NOW!, or any other MOLLE pouch with a 3 column MOLLE foot print.  Simply slide MOLLE straps through the slots on the Hammock towards the final installation point so that it hangs down or put the Hammock on first for it to ‘hang’ at the top.


  • Attach to any MOLLE or Belt attachment  
  • Rapid deployment
  • Made in the USA
  • Barry compliant
  • Limited life time warranty  

Dimensions: 5" H x 3" W x 0.4" D
Weight: 0.6 oz

The Tourniquet Hammock

Excluding Sales Tax
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