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First Aid Supplies

Emergencies never give any warning, which is why it’s so important to be prepared at all times for any illness or injury. First aid kits are the first line of defense when dealing with moderate injuries or illnesses.

Hollywood CPR offers a comprehensive suite of first aid products to help keep you safe or your employees safe and productive on the job.  Saving you time and reducing cost. Hollywood CPR's First Aid kits and supplies include:

  • First Aid Kit & First Aid Cabinet Supply

  • Restocking and Delivery of First Aid Supplies

  • PPE Supply & Restocking

Small First Aid Kit


Items and Quantity

Tape 1” x 10 yds 1 roll

Ice Packs 6 count

Gloves 6 pairs

Antiseptic Towelettes 12 count

3” Non-Stick Gauze Pads2 rolls 

First Aid Guide 1

Sting Relief Cream 12 count

Fingertip bandages 15 count

Knuckle bandages 15 count

3” x 3” Non-Stick Gauze Pads 4 count

Triple Antibiotic Ointment 12 count

1" x 3" Band-aids 25 count

2”x4” Band-Aid Strip 4 count

Supply List Card 1

Ibuprofen Tablets 5 packs

Oval Eye Patch 5 patches

$105.00 Price Includes Shipping.

Large First Aid Kit


CPR Mask-1

First Aid Guide Book- 1

Sling- 1

Medical Scissors- 1

Tweezers- 1

1" x 2" Ace Bandage- 1

1" x 3" Ace Bandage- 1

Triangular Bandage- 2

1" x 3" Band Aids- 100

1 1/2" x 3" Knuckle Band Aids- 100

2" X 4" Band Aids- 50

1 3/4" x 2" Fingertip Band Aids- 100

3" x 4.1' Stretch Gauze- 12

Ibuprofen- 25 packets

Latex Gloves- 10pr

Sting relief- 21 packets

Anti-septic wipes- 21 packets

Triple Antibiotic Ointment- 21 packets

Medical tape- 1 roll

Ice Pack- 15


Brace- 1

Sports First Aid Kit 2
Sports First Aid Kit
Sports First Aid Kit 1
Large Fist Aid 5
Large Fist Aid
Large Fist Aid 2
Large Fist Aid 3
Large Fist Aid 1
$210.00 Price Includes Shipping.

Administer CPR with Confidence


The class curriculum conforms to current AHA  guidelines. We guarantee you will leave our class with the skills necessary to effectively carry out the training taught in class.


We believe creating a fun and welcoming learning environment fosters effective learning.


Our experienced instructors are committed to teaching CPR and first aid training. We understand the demands of everyday life  and strive to make our classes convenient and easy to learn.


We offer classes at our comfortable, convenient location, and we're willing to travel to teach large groups. 

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