The Instructor


My name is Ralph Cook.  I got interested in teaching CPR/First Aid back in 1985 while in High School. I had learned from the Red Cross over the Summer with the town's fire department.  That Fall in school I had to take a first aid class. Our teacher was new at teaching the class so I was given the opportunity to assist.  I loved the opportunity.  My sister was born with a heart defect and had to have open-heart surgery at 1 year old.  I came home from baseball practice one night and she was in cardiac arrest.  The ambulance people saved her life and it sparked my interest even more. 

I became a Red Cross Instructor in December 2008 and then continued my Instructor with both Red Cross and AHA when I joined the Military.  I wanted to pass on my knowledge of CPR/First Aid to anyone and everyone.  This is a skill that may one day be needed to save the life of family, friends, coworkers, or strangers. 

It changed my life and hope that if you ever find yourself in that position that you too will have the skill to help save another life.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Our professional clean training environment

  • Our personalized, prompt and courteous service and communications

  • Our flexibility with training needs and locations.

Administer CPR with Confidence


The class curriculum conforms to current Red Cross  guidelines. We guarantee you will leave our class with the skills necessary to effectively carry out the training taught in class.


We believe creating a fun and welcoming learning environment fosters effective learning.


Our experienced instructors are committed to teaching CPR and first aid training. We understand the demands of everyday life  and strive to make our classes convenient and easy to learn.


We offer classes at our comfortable, convenient location, and we're willing to travel to teach large groups.