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The Slishman Pressure Wrap (SPW) is a highly versatile tool designed primarily for use as a pressure dressing. The lightweight black or orange elastic wrap includes a red slip sleeve forming a lasso that is easy to cinch and allows for application around an injured limb. Compact and conforming, the wrap can be added to IFAKs, go-bags, or larger first aid kits and is useful in a wide range of environments, including tactical, civilian, marine and veterinary. It can also be used to protect wounds, stabilize extremities, or to hold splints in place.


  • Light, compact, flexible and soft
  • Easy self-application
  • Fits adults, children, and even pets
  • No skin pinch
  • Minimal fine motor dexterity required
  • Easy to apply for seasoned medics and untrained first responders
  • Finely adjustable (Tighten until hemostasis, and then loosen for pain control and better perfusion)


Slishman Pressure Wrap Instructions

  • Loop over injured limb & apply to injury (or simply wrap for entrapped limb).
  • Cinch the red sleeve until snug.
  • Use a wide wrap for long lacerations, or a narrow, tight wrap for more severe bleeding (between the injury and heart).
  • Wrap the elastic all the way to the white label, then secure hooks to the elastic.
  • Note application time on the white label.
  • Adjust for pain minimization, while monitoring bleeding, pulses, sensation and motor function.
  • Leave in place until definitive wound management can be accomplished ASAP.

Note: Do not encircle and tighten around the neck.

Slishman Pressure Wrap With Pouch

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