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Rad-67™ Pulse CO-Oximeter®  

Features Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion* and Low Perfusion™ Pulse Oximetry and Noninvasive Total Hemoglobin (SpHb®) Spot-check Monitoring

Rad-67's ability to provide portable spot-check monitoring measurements of both oxygen saturation and noninvasive hemoglobin makes it a single-device solution in multiple clinical and non-clinical settings, such as emergency rooms, pre-/post-surgery settings, and physicians' offices.

When used with the rainbow® DCI®-mini sensor, Rad-67 provides spot-check monitoring with Next Generation SpHb technology. This technology significantly advances the forefront of noninvasive portable hemoglobin spot-check monitoring.

  • HD Display -Bright LCD & color display and Automatic low per mode to conserve power
  • Auto-Brightness - Automatically adjust screen brightness to surrounding area 

Pulse Co-Oximeter Rad-67™ Battery Operated Visible Alarm, Ea

SKU: 982658
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