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This Poison Ivy/Oak Soap is a groundbreaking solution for individuals who frequent the outdoors. This soap is scientifically formulated to instantly extract poisonous oils off the skin, inactivate the divorced urushiol, and dry out the rash, while stopping the itch.

Featuring a proprietary “UrushioLock” technology which bonds to and deactivates urushiol, the product has been proven to work, and has leveled the playing field against these debilitating plants.


  • Powerful antihistamines stop pain and itching
  • Gradient oat and bentonite clay deactivate urushiol oil
  • Rash drying glycerin stops rash development
  • Suitable for daily use 
  • No parabens, petroleum or phthalates
  • SLS, Gluten, GMO, and Dye free
  • No artificial scents
  • Made in USA
  • Case of 12 (1oz)

Poison Ivy/Oak Soap - Case of 12

SKU: 60-0006
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