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This complete obstetrical kit includes everything needed for emergency treatment of laboring mothers and infants who are delivered in the field. Sterile items are individual wrapped to maintain sterility. This all-in-one kit ensures emergency responders are prepared for assistance in the safe delivery of an infant. Includes: Sterile nitrile gloves, 6 sterile gauze sponges, 1 absorbant underpad, 1 sterile bulb syringe/aspirator, 1 sterile disposable scalpel, 2 sterile umbilical clamps, 1 sterile OB pad, 2 sterile alcohol pads, 1 drape sheet, 1 receiving blanket, 2 OB towelettes, 4 disposable towels, 2 twist ties, 2 nylon tie-offs, and plastic bag for placenta disposal. Packaged in a zip-locked polybag to maintain sterility of contents.

Obstetrical Kit

SKU: 490200
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