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99425-000023:  LIFEPAK 1000 Graphical Display Standard Setup w/carry case, battery & EA 

LIFEPAK 1000 99425-000025:  LIFEPAK 1000 ECG Display, Standard Setup w/carry case, battery & electrodes

LifePak 1000 Defibrillator

SKU: 99425-000025
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  • LIFEPAK 1000 Defibrillator
    If you are looking for an AED that can be used in extreme or loud environments such as a manufacturing floor or oil rig, the LIFEPAK 1000 AED can meet your needs. The 1000 is also perfect for those who may update response protocols often, as the device gives you the flexibility to change simply and quickly.

    The 1000 features:

    • Ruggedness – its high rating for dust and water protection make it the most durable LIFEPAK AED available
    • A large screen with graphics and text facilitate use in loud environments
    • An available model with 3-wire ECG

    Best choice for:

    • Use in loud or harsh environments
    • Programs under the direction of onsite clinical professionals or users with higher training levels
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