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A pack six years in the making! The Strike ERT Response Pack System is a revolutionary concept in disaster team response. Conterra took the ideas from Katrina, Haiti, and the Sumatra Tsunami to create a scalable response pack system. The system starts with the Strike Pack - a 2,600 cubic inch bag that opens with a clamshell-style, waterproof zipper, with an end pocket also opening with a waterproof zipper. The main body of the pack is armored with multiple fabric layers, and the pack sports multiple carry handles. The inside lid is covered in veltex fabric should you need to add internal pockets.

This pack makes a great carry on, and when you get off the plane, you can deploy the shoulder straps and hip suspension, turning the bag into a top loading backpack! You can attach a LS Response Pack to the back to add more capability. Once at the deployment site, you can choose to use the LS, the Strike, or the LS/Strike combo. 


You can also add the Wing Tanks  to make a 4100 cubic inch pack.

Dimensions: 16" H x 28" W x 3" D
Weight: 3 lb

Conterra Strike ERT Response Pack

Excluding Sales Tax
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