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This naturally flavored raspberry HydroMax was formulated to ensure military-grade hydration that uses water rather than sugar. Each HydroMax packet contains 6 times the amount of electrolytes compared to any typical sports drink. CardoMax's proprietary blending process allows this drink to be a sugar-free, dye-free liquid solution to dehydration. Utilizing Accelerated Absorption Technology (AAT)™ these hydration packets will get into your system faster (up to 20x) and more efficiently (up to 3x). 

Mix with at least 20 oz of water (or your favorite beverage).


  • Primary ingredients are water & natural flavors.
  • Sugar-free & dye-free. Perfect for kids.
  • Convenient to use: On-the-go liquid stick packets will keep you hydrated 
  • 15 individual stick packs in each pouch
  • Naturally flavored without the taste of a salt block

CardoMax Raspberry HydroMax , 15 Count

SKU: 60-0106
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