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DYNA-HEX 4% Antiseptic Skin Cleanser - 8 oz


Dyna-Hex 4% is a true antiseptic soap. It contains CHG (Chlorhexidine Gluconate)., the most effective agent available for skin disinfection. Most anti-bacterial soaps lack this effective ingredient. When used repeatedly, Dyna-Hex CHG leaves the hands antiseptic for up to six hours. CHG chemically binds to the epithelial surfaces of the skin, thus creating a persistent and residual effect not seen in alcohol, iodine or other skin disinfectants. CHG continues to be effective in the presence of organic substances, unlike iodine, which deactivates under this condition. CHG is effective against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria as well as fungi and yeast. CHG strongly interacts with the negatively charged bacterial cell, achieving an exceptionally high reduction in microbial count on the skin. CHG acts quickly and persistently, it contains properties that are critical for effective infection control.


  • 4% CHG
  • 8 oz Bottle

Surgical Scrub Dyna-Hex 4% CHG 8 oz Bottle, Ea

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